Fortaleza Airport Guide to Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport (FOR)

Fortaleza Airport Taxi

Get to Fortaleza city centre in just 25 minutes by taxi.

Friendly Tip

There might be some taxi drivers who don’t speak English. In that sense, it is advisable to bring the name of your destination written down in Portuguese along with the agreed fare.


Taxis can be found outside Arrivals. You can book a fixed rate taxi at the desks located in the Arrivals hall.


There are two types of taxis in Fortaleza Airport: The regular ones, which run on a meter, and the Airport taxis, which work upon fixed rates.

In that sense, Coopaero is the company managing Airport taxis, and Coopertáxi owns the regular ones.

Please note that Airport taxis are more expensive than the regular taxis.


The following taxi companies serve Fortaleza Airport:

Coopertáxi: +55 85 3477 5549

Coopaero: +55 85 3392 1500 | 1501 | 1502

Service hours: 24/7.


The cost of a one-way fare to Fortaleza city centre is about R$25-35 (Avenida Beira Mar).

To Praia de Iracema or Meirelles cost is R$25.

We encourage passengers to negotiate with drivers in order to obtain better fares.



Uber X, Uber Select and 99 are available at Fortaleza Airport. Fares to city centre are R$27 (UberX) and R$33 (Uber Select), approximately. For more information about 99 fares, please download the app on your smartphone.



To transfer to your destination by private transportation, book a transfer at Fortaleza Airport.