Fortaleza Airport Guide to Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport (FOR)

Fortaleza Airport Bus

See as follows the bus options at Fortaleza Airport:


Executive Bus 917 (Ônibus)

The Executive Bus 917 covers the route between Fortaleza Airport and Avenida Beira Mar in the city centre.

Buses Depart hourly from 05:00-23:00.

Single ticket is R$10.

Taking the bus at night is not recommended due to the lack of security.


City buses

Regular city buses also serve Fortaleza Airport.

Route 27

Route 27 covers the route between Fortaleza Airport, Papicu and Siqueira.

Buses depart 05:00-23:00.

Single ticket is R$3.40


Route 66

This bus stops at Fortaleza Airport and gets to Papicu and Parangaba.

Buses depart 05:00-23:00.

Single ticket is R$3.40.


Route 404

Route 404 links Fortaleza Airport with the main bus station (Rodoviária) and Benfica.

The trip takes about 15 minutes.

Buses depart 05:10-22:00.

Single ticket is R$3.40.


To Jericoaquara

From Fortaleza Airport it departs a shuttle bus service to Jericoaquara. It is operated by Frercar.

Buses depart daily at 06:30, 14:15 and 17:30, From Friday to Monday only at 15:30.

Single ticket is R$83 (without insurance), and R$86.60 (with insurance).

For more information, please reach at +55 85 3402 2244 (24/7 service).